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Information about Vera Playa

Vera Playa Info - a comprehensive collection of information about "the world's best naturist beach resort."

Vera Playa Friends - additional information about "Europe's premier naturist resort." 

Bright Blue Skies at Vera Playa - the meandering naturist reviews Vera Playa


Recommendations for Restaurants

La Buena Mesa - walkable and on hotel street. It's our number 1 choice for a quality dinner.

Reina Mora - in Mojacar.  Quality food but slow service.

Dolce Vita - in Mojacar.  Seaside restaurant with good food.  A good choice for special occasions like aniversaries, birthdays and the like.


Further Afield 




Chan Resort - naturist resort in Pattaya, Thailand.  Fifteen room hotel surrounding a pool.


Everything you need

for the naturist holiday you've always wanted

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